Österreichische  Albert

Schweitzer  Gesellschaft

OeASG supporting Young Artists


After the early death of the founder and first Secretary General, Prof. Helmut Bräundle-Falkensee, the new team thought about the future of the OeASG-Journal. The delegat for the Province of Lower Austria, Ing. Peter-Andreas Linhart, suggested that young artists should have the possibility to creat the Cover-Picture for always a year. Since 2007 Ing. Linhart, who is a Pop-Artist by himself, advises the Board which picture should be selected. The only default given to the Artists is to reflect in his/her own way the person, the life, the work of Albert Schweitzer. Here are the results until today:


Cover 2008

The first cover was taken out of the design-drawing for the OeASG-medals done by the late Prof. Helmut Bräundle-Falkensee.

Cover 2009

This cover was designed by the Viennese painter and photographer Sylvia Wutsch. ( www.wutsch.at )

Original size is 40 cm x 30 cm, acrylic paint on canvas, the picture was presented to the OeASG by the Artist.

Cover 2010

This cover was designed by the artist Gabriele Biechl from Lower Austria. ( www.gabriela-biechl.at )

Original size is 80 cm x 80 cm, acrylic paint on canvas, the picture remained with the Artist.

Cover 2011

This cover was designed by the singer and painter Cleo Ruisz from Burgenland. ( www.cleo.at )

Original size is 90 cm x 125 cm, acrylic paint and charcoal on canvas.

Cover 2012

This cover was designed by the Viennes policeman Adolf Achtsnit who is also member of the Artist's Cooperative COP-ART

Original size is 65 cm x 50 cm, pastel, charcoal and colored pencil on illustration card-board.


Cover 2013

This cover was designed by Popart-Artist Ing. Peter-Andreas Linhart from Mödling. He is cooperating with Sylvia Wutsch at: www.wuli-art.at

Original size is 60 cm x 40 cm, acrylic paint, paint-pen on canvas.


Cover 2014

This cover was designed by Rudolf Eis. Beside his passion for Aquarells he is an enthusiastic jazz-musican and componist.

Original size of this Aquarell is 60 cm x 40 cm.