Österreichische  Albert

Schweitzer  Gesellschaft

"It is better that a few people help a little, than no one helps at all." Quote: Prof. Helmut Bräundle-Falkensee (1950-2007)

About us

In October 1984 a handful of faithful christians, such as Helmut und Johanna Bräundle-Falkensee, Josef Gamperl, Elisabeth Gräfin Polzer-Hoditz and Olga Leitinger, established the Austrian Albert Schweitzer Society (OeASG) as a Christian-humanitarian, non-profit and apolitical organization. In February 1985 we became a registered association in Austria (ZVR: 839299728). By decision of 15th April 1991 (GZ 63.337/23-5-2/91) of the Federal Ministery of Defence the awards of the OeASG was authorized for wear on the uniform of the Austrian army. By decision of 28th April 1995 (12.410/1365-II/13/95) of the Federal Ministery of the Interior the look and pattern of the uniform, the rank-insignia and other badges of the OeASG were granted to be worn. Since 1984 there is also a permission to wear the awards of the OeASG to the uniform of the Austrian Fire Brigades. This was again fixed in a letter of the Federal Fire Brigade Association (Bundeswehrwehrverband) of Autum 2011. This letter was also send to the province headquarters of all nine Province Fire Brigade Commands.

The OeASG has over the years evolved from a small organization in support for the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambarene Forest (Gabon) to a global organization. At the top of the OeASG is the Board. (actual members of the board) Besides this structure, we also have so-called delegates in different countries that support relief operations in their own nation and function as a contact to the OeASG. The ÖASG currently holds around 500 members and is a well knowen "NGO" (Non-Governmental-Organization).

At the 25th anniversary of OeASG in the autumn of 2009, we had helped the sick, disabled, refugees and other persons in need of money with 800.000,- Euro. Our activities are funded by membership fees, donations and grants from the city of Mödling and the local government of Lower Austria.

All our helpers are volunteers who are unpaid, and all work is done in their own private cars, on their own computers and their own homes. All persons, institutions and companies are at this point thanked for their support of our work in the spirit of "jungle doctor", Nobel Peace Prize Winner and great humanitarian DDDr. Albert Schweitzer.

  Rhena Schweitzer-Miller (+), daughter of Albert Schweitzer, was informed personally about the activities of OeASG.

Here seen in conversation with the founder and first General Secretary Prof. Helmut Bräunde-Falkensee (+).