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Schweitzer  Gesellschaft

Tätigkeitsberichte Kanada & USA - Reports of Activities Canada & USA


We regret to annouce the early death of our Delegate:  Leonard Miedzianowski - Col. Nemo Turner (10.12.1951 - 8.2.2013)


Col. Nemo Turner presented the "Albert Schweitzer Medal for humanitary Merite" of the ÖASG  to Mr.Arnold Schwarzenegger at a luncheon of the Montreal Board of Trade on Jan. 27, 2011.

Mr. Schwarzenegger was honoured for all his humanitarian work over the years. He has supported the following charities: Special Olympics, Children Affected by Aids Foundation, Children's Medical Research Institute, Muhammed Ali Parkinson Center, Jeans for Genes, After-School All-Stars, Clinton Global Initiatives, Focus The Nation, Music for Relief, Keep Memory Alive, Stop Global Warming, and the Watering Seeds Organization. Also, he never accepted his annual salary of $175,000. as Governor of California, and instead donated it to charities.

Col. Turner is North American Delegate of the Austrian Albert Schweitzer Society, which is based in Vienna. He is also a second year President of The Rotary Club of Montreal.