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Annual Report 2012 /2013

It gives me great pleasure in presenting the Australian delegation report for the year 2012/2013, although it has been some time since our last correspondence, I would like to advise the monumental effort that the Australian group has achieved in its time to date. Australia in this period of time has been proactive in its Humanitarian efforts; the ethos that the Albert Schweitzer Society portrays is being carried on through our local and international effort. This is unquestionable.

The local Level of Australia has been particularly busy:

The efforts of the members to run and organize first aid training for the NSW emergency services Marine Rescue, the Murray vale retirement village and the local Melbourne school is paramount to the tireless work, delivered by the dedicated members in Australia. The donations raised and are sent to worthy causes around Australia is vital to the ongoing support we deliver to those in need. Australia has faced some major issues within this time, fires in Victoria, floods in the Sydney, Queensland area. The Australia division is constantly looking to support and help where possible our fellow countryman. The pride we take in being able to take troublesome teenagers out and teach them to abseil, the training of unemployed youth with first aid and teaching new migrants to Australia the basics of building and Occupational health and safety, ensuring the possibility of future employment is testament to the work the group does. The group recently donated and participated in a major charity event raising needed money for those in need. All monies raised went to research and development for cures of major illnesses.

International efforts of the Australian group have also been very busy.

The Organization has had the pleasure of going to PNG and train some of the people of the great area. The constant donations sent to those in need in America and surrounding areas that have been decimated by Mother Nature. 2014 brings a new adventure to explore with the Delegation secretary Dr Craig Ellery and the Australian delegate Steve Thurling JP heading off to Cambodia to assist and train the local people in first aid and foster contacts in the hope to continue our great work. 2014 looks like a very busy year for the group and the pleasure we have to spread the good work of the Albert Schweitzer Society and all it stands for.

We wish all members a safe and happy 2014.


Steve Thurling JP

OASG Australian Delegate



Annual Report 2011

2011 has been a monumental year for the Australian Delegation of the OASG. Although a small delegation, the team has worked with purpose on various strategic fronts as well as attempting to provide basic humanitarian services. To begin with, the delegation in Australia has grown considerably with associates of the delegation in most states of Australia; our influence now longer just resides in Melbourne but we have increased our sphere to Sydney, rural Victoria and Perth.

We have continued to assist local groups with first aid manuals and stores; the creation of a page on Facebook has also raised our profile and awareness in the community. In January, the Australian Delegation undertook and important mission to assist the people of Papua New Guinea. ‘Operation Kokoda Assist’ provided first aid training to staff of the Gateway Hotel in Port Moresby as well as donating first aid stores to the Kokoda Memorial Hospital; additional first aid support was provided to walkers on the famed Kokoda Track. A fantastic experience was had and an opportunity to provide regional assistance to the friendly Papuans. A great deal of thanks must go to Mr. Clement Seaton, Mr. David Grappio and Mr. Ryan Bahri for assisting the training team in Papua New Guinea. Many friends were made and some contacts for further assistance and the donation of first aid supplies.

In addition to our practical efforts, the delegation has managed to provide funds to a number of global causes and to assist other agencies in their humanitarian efforts. Our delegation provided funds to assist Pastor Omondi Felix with activities in Uganda. Financial assistance was also made to the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels to assist with hurricane damage in the southern states of America, and the delegation also supported the Foundation of the Royal House of Georgia with its local aid projects.

As well as developing our delegation numbers in Australia, it was thought that awareness could also be achieved via a number of social events. Unfortunately, the soirée planned for Melbourne did not eventuate but the Sydney dinner was a great success. The ‘Austrian Schnitzelhaus’ in Gladesville provided the backdrop for a social gathering and presentation of an OASG Blood Donation Medal to Mr. David Hamilton for his generous donation of blood to the Australian Red Cross over many years. A great deal of thanks must go to Mr. Stephen Szabo JP, FSA, one of our principal Sydney associates, for his planning and execution of this event. I’m sure this event has set the precedent for further successful dinners and has extended the reputation of our organisation.

So, in conclusion, it has been a very busy but profitable year for the OASG Australian Delegation; profitable in the sense that we have expanded our support base, managed to further our assistance domestically and globally and have set the foundations for further success in 2012. I wish to thank all connected with the Australian Delegation for their efforts and support and wish all connected with the Austrian Albert Schweitzer Society a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Your confrere,

Craig Ellery

Dr. Craig Ellery BA(Hons.), PhD, Dip. Sec. & Risk Man., MAIES

March Report 2011

It has been a very busy 2011 already. Our region has been affected by major flooding and most of Australia has been targeted by fires, flooding or tropical cyclones. After being involved with local emergency rescue, I have been able to concentrate my efforts on various projects for the Albert Schweitzer Society. I have been in contact with the local Army Cadet Unit and have provided this unit with 40 new first aid manuals. At present, there is also consultation as to whether I will be assisting with first aid training and accreditation.

On a much larger note is the planned trip of myself and an associate member of the OeASG to Papua New Guinea. I will be travelling to Port Moresby in June with Mr. Clement Seaton to walk the famed Kokoda Trail. As part of this adventure we will be delivering a quantity of first aid supplies to the Kokoda hospital as well as providing first aid assistance to anyone in the villages along the route who requires first aid support. Our organisational and logistic needs will be monitored and taken care of by Mr. David Grappio in Sydney during our time in Papua New Guinea. I can say that Mr. Seaton and I have been training very hard to negotiate the 96 kilometre work but we feel it will be a great opportunity to assist people in a very remote location and to make new contacts and opportunities for the OeASG outside of Australia. I’d personally like to thank associate members Mr. Clement Seaton and Mr. David Grappio for their unflinching moral and financial support of this project.

As far as the home front goes, I will be travelling to Western Australia in a number of weeks to catch up with some old friends as well as seeking new opportunities for the OeASG on the other side of Australia. I will be meeting with people connected to a variety of other NGOs and will be able to offer my first aid and training services to their organisations. So, as I mentioned earlier, the year has begun at a very fast pace. In closing, I can only say to anyone who reads this report that I can be contacted at craig.ellery@yahoo.com.au and would welcome your opinions or input that can assist the Albert Schweitzer Society in Australia.

Your confrere,

Craig Ellery

Dr. Craig Ellery BA(Hons.), PhD, Dip. Sec. & Risk Man., MAIES

Annual Report 2010

It has been a very busy year on a personal front. My wife and I have moved to rural Victoria and have settled in to life in the ‘country’. We are enjoying ourselves in our new environment and feel it has been a wise move. As far as the Albert Schweitzer Society goes, it has been a very busy year also. A trip to the United Kingdom was followed by a short stay in beautiful Vienna where I had the pleasure to meet our General Secretary Jörg Steiner and discuss matters concerning the society. After our meeting I was buoyed by the great shape the society is in and how so many delegates are doing great work around the world. Moving to the country did not mean the cessation of my activities with the OEASG. On the contrary, I now have additional time to devote to the society. As I am now an accredited first aid trainer, I have offered my services to many community groups who need to qualify for first aid training but don’t have the adequate funds for expensive courses. I anticipate the first of these courses to commence in 2011 with the Echuca Historical Society being the first group to be trained. In addition, it was discussed with General Secretary Steiner the concept of creating a training/assistance team, working with other members of OEASG in the Australian/Pacific region; work is now being carried out to make this a reality. As well, we are still collecting our ‘care bears’ and will be dispensing them to local hospitals and children’s groups in the coming Christmas period. So, as you can see, a great deal has happened or is in the planning phase. Again, it was fantastic to meet our General Secretary over a relaxed coffee and discuss the society. I urge any delegates in the Pacific region to contact me if they are planning similar projects or require assistance in their activities. Finally, I wish all delegates, members and their families a great Christmas and all the good fortune for 2011.

Your confrere,

Craig Ellery

Dr. Craig Ellery BA(Hons.), PhD, Dip. Sec. & Risk Man., MAIES


The Ellery's at Vienna! Delivery of Toy-Bears to Childrens Hospital for Christmas 2010.


Dear Jörg Steiner and all ÖASG delegates,

We are in the midst of winter in Australia and things have slowed down somewhat, except for the many sports played in my country. However, as delegate in Australia, I am pleased to announce a number of initiatives which I hope will continue the exemplary humanitarian work of the Austrian Albert Schweitzer Society.

A major project that I have given attention to is assisting St. Andrew's First Aid in Australia. I have been able to purchase first aid equipment, uniforms and Search and Rescue (SAR) material that will assist this organisation in performing first aid duties and first aid training. As well, I have also assisted this organisation by performing first aid training for Corrections Victoria, providing adventure training in the form of abseiling, writing letters on behalf of this group and assisting with first aid duties across Melbourne. Moreover, the Victorian Scottish Union has asked me to speak on behalf of this organisation in September. With continued support from the Austrian Albert Schweitzer Society, St. Andrew's First Aid in Australia will continue its evolution as a dynamic first aid and search and rescue organistion, playing a major role in the community.

Nevertheless, I am still committed to many of the original projects which were commenced last. Our production and collection of soft toys for children in hospital still continues at a healthy rate as well as the construction of 'care' packages destined for Iraq. In addition, I have also contacted the local army cadet unit with a view to assisting them in the areas of first aid and other areas of expertise in order to mentor the young minds of Australia. So, as you can see, the emphasis has been to identify new areas where I can be of assistance as well as furthering projects from last year. There are still areas of negotiation, particularly with other organisations but I am pleased to announce that further, exciting projects are in the pipeline and the future is extremely promising. To all, I hope you succeed in your aims. What better vocation is there than in the service of humanity?

Your confrere,

Craig Ellery

Dr. Craig Ellery BA (Hons.), PhD, Dip. Sec. & Risk Man., MAIES

Annual Report 2008

It gives me great pleasure to write this report. To begin with, I was honored to be selected as the Australian delegate for the Austrian Albert Schweitzer Society in 2008. I sincerely thank the society for the nomination. In addition to my duties in various other community and defence organisations, I believe that my connection with the society in Australia can only spread the philosophy of Dr.Schweitzer and help to promote the significant humanitarian work this giant-of-a-man started.

Since coming on board I have been involved in a number of projects and I will now outline these. With the assistance of St. Andrew's First Aid Australia I have been able to send a number of 'care packages' to Mazen Kadum and his family in Iraq. I worked alongside Mazen, who was my interpreter, when I served in Iraq in 2007 during Operation Iraqi Freedom, in our attempt to help improve the situation in Iraq. I will continue this work in 2009.

Like Dr. Schweitzer, I belive that actions speak louder than words. With the assistance of my wife, Vivien, and my mother, Dulcie, we managed to collect over fifty toy bears that were subsequently donated to sick and injured children at the Northern Hospital in Melbourne just before Christmas 2008. These gifts were well received and we will endeavour to supply more toys in 2009.

Dr. Craig Ellery and staff from the Childrens Ward at Northern Hospital, Melbourne with one of the toy bears. Photo taken just before Christmas 2008.

As far as 2009 goes, I have a number of goals I would like to meet. To begin with, I hope to have a local website established before the middle of the year. I would like to commence a membership that can assist with 'care packages' and other projects. And I am hoping to be part of a St. Andrew's First Aid training team to either East Timor or Uganda. I have loftly aims but the need in the community, either local or international, is great. In closing, I wish all delegates continued success in 2009 and the society greater triumph. Please don't hesitate to contact me if anyone requires assistance or to exchange ideas.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Craig Ellery, B.A.(Hons.), PhD, Dip.Sec. & Risk Man, MAIES

Australian Delegate